This October, AucArt is delighted to feature a selection of 14 emerging artists in our Piecing Together the Order of Things sale. We present a selection of over 60 artworks that function as a contemporary atlas of images. When assembled in a certain manner,  these images offer us the opportunity to reinterpret the world.

Founder of Museum 2050, Nicole Ching to guest curate our latest sale ‘Re:orient’. Ching’s passion is unlocking the potential of private museums in China, provoking discussion amongst young museum professionals, whilst advocating a stronger art’s curricula in Chinese education. 

AucArt is delighted to announce September’s guest curator, poet & model, Sonny Hall. ‘This Butterfly We Tried To Anaesthetize’ show features seven emerging artist’s close to Hall’s heart who breathe the same language, sharing the same “sinuous and sacrificial process” as one another.

Alongside this month’s sale, AucArt has commissioned Hall’s latest mesmerising text.

This September, AucArt brings together a curated selection of works by our roster of emerging artists. The vivid selection of works range from paintings, tapestries to works on paper.

This August, AucArt brings together a curated selection of over 70 new works by 10 emerging artists from all over the globe, from the UK, France, all the way to Iran, Mexico, Taiwan and Russia. This range of vibrant works range from paintings, collage to works on paper.

g.r.i.d.l.o.c.k is an acronym for seven emerging Black artists. Curated by Ashleigh Barice, this selection is an embodiment of gratitude through action.

Despite the cancellation of most degree shows, AucArt has brought together a selection of tales from around the country for our global community to enjoy.

A sale curated by Edoardo Monti, featuring works by twenty contemporary, artists. As a proud Italian, yet a citizen of the world, Edoardo dedicates his first online curatorial project to his compatriots.

Geometric abstraction artworks, based on the use of simple geometric forms placed in non-illusionistic spaces in non-objective compositions.

Praising artists’ genius, this sale showcases a selection of artworks that emphasise the feeling of hope in our everyday life.

Figurative and abstract paintings focusing on the gaze, a deeply personal perspective with which we interpret the world around us.

In Bloom showcases a selection of works by emerging artists who share a vision of our digital-fuelled  reality through a less traditional artistic approach.

Colourful abstract painting and sculpture driven by instinct and feeling, interconnecting sensations.

Figurative painting, sculpture and photography exploring perceptions of race, gender and identity.


Minimal artworks which, in their economy of form and colour, are threaded together by a concise intensity. 


Our first sale featuring emerging artists working in design, sculpture, ceramics, and glass. 

Artworks which, whether through figuration or abstraction, intention or interpretation, arouse erotic desire.

Celebrating creativity and new beginnings with bold, vibrant works by our favourite emerging artists.