This month AucArt welcomes guest curator, Lizzy Vartanian Collier. Nestled at the crossroads of East and West, Armenia is a small mountainous country, rich in culture, history, tradition and legend. Despite more Armenians living outside of their homeland than within its borders, the Armenian identity and connection to the land endures. For many Armenians, Armenia is a mythical, magical place, one that we experience through photographs, music, nursery rhymes and food. 

This month AucArt welcomes guest curator, designer and social activist Franklin Ayzenberg. Their show, FROM HEAVEN, welcomes 6 brand new artists to the AucArt roster who explore elements of fantasy through design, fashion and works on paper.  FROM HEAVEN is an online exhibition about the concept of an adult playground. The show was born out of Frank’s obsession with gender-queer people and their innate tendency to exist beyond what has been understood as reality.

When asked to curate an art sale for AucArt, ‘Love’ was at the forefront of guest curator Bolanle Tajudeen’s mind. She had spent time reading ‘Love In Colour’ by Bolu Babalola and Symona’s Still Single by Lisa Bent. Having received so much emotional intensity and desire by browsing ‘Who is Loving You’, a collection of love stories by women of colour edited by Sareeta Domingo. Sareeta’s short-story titled, ‘The waves will carry us back’ occurred on the shores of a beach where two strangers from different sides of the globe find love in a fated tragedy. 

This month, AucArt delves into the realm of realism. Despite its rigorous training, realist painting has been overshadowed by abstract art since it rose to prominence in the 20th century. No longer the dominant style, realism was thought of as less progressive, even regressive. However, these traditional methods which involve painstaking training, have continued to appeal to contemporary artists who have pushed the technique to its limits in dynamically new ways. This sale explores the ongoing discourse of contemporary realist painting and its changing function within modern society. 

The sky, the sea, a flame, the veins pulsing through our bodies; blue bears the intensity to arrest us all with its pervasiveness and depth. This month, AucArt’s sale pays homage to International Klein Blue (IKB) developed in the 1960s by artist Yves Klein alongside Edouard Adam, a Parisian colour vendor. IKB is reliant on the ultramarine pigment found from lapis lazuli, a mineral sourced from the mountains in northern Afghanistan. Few artists have dedicated themselves to the discovery of one colour, an intensely saturated velvety pigment, which Klein believed transversed past materiality.  

Waiting has been a part of human life for thousands of years. Although it is often considered an annoyance, time spent waiting is much more than simply ‘unused’ or lost time. Waiting provides an opportunity for reflection, creativity, deceleration and mindfulness. It opens up a realm of unimagined possibilities. With this sale, AucArt is exploring this complex and universal theme with a selection of works that are meditations on distance and waiting, both perceived as uncomfortable feelings exposing us to the uncertainty of things to come.

This month, we welcome self-taught botanist, florist and designer, Robbie Honey who has curated ‘Arranged’. Comprising friends and acquaintances nurtured over the years, Honey’s sale explores the works of like-minded artists who share the ability to capture the beauty in the world around us. Whilst some of the works allow the viewer to experience a new sense of wonder within the natural world, others are contemplative and serene; but what they all collectively share is the ability to provoke awe, contemplation and calm, reflection and peace. 

AucArt welcomes GLOBART Advisory co-founders Zeynep Utku and Deniz Caglar to curate this month’s sale showcasing works from 9 female artists without discrimination toward race, age, class, sexual, spiritual or political orientation. Among the artists featured in the  sale are Aamina Hoosain, Anke Loots, Edith Karlson, Fatima Tayob Moosa, Gabrielle Kruger, Isabella Chydenius, Kim Jackson, Liu Xi and Nina Saunders.

This November AucArt welcomes guest curator, French Israeli and singer-songwriter Petite Meller. In conjunction with her latest single, ‘Dying Out of Love’, Petite welcomes 3 brand new mixed-media artists to the AucArt roster. Spotlighting in Editorial Fashion, all three artists not only have a distinct understanding of colour and figure, but also share a close relationship.

Friend of the Artist is a platform and quarterly print publication dedicated to showcasing the work of talented emerging artists from all over the world. Each volume is curated by a panel of experienced jurors. During these turbulent times when our “normal” continues to evolve, we find this particular volume of FOA to be relevant to the overall practice of viewing art. 

Beirut Ma Betmout, a sweet, self-explanatory Arabic rhyme. On August 4, 2020, a large amount of ammonium nitrate stored in Beirut’s port exploded; the entire city, and much of the country, felt the thud, heard the sirens and saw the blood. Gemmayze, Achrafieh and Mar Mikhael were particularly hard hit. These areas are, or were, home to many artists and their studios, independent bookshops, coffee shops, small bars and restaurants where creatives would gather, unwind and exchange ideas. 

This October, AucArt is delighted to feature a selection of 14 emerging artists in our Piecing Together the Order of Things sale. We present a selection of over 60 artworks that function as a contemporary atlas of images. When assembled in a certain manner,  these images offer us the opportunity to reinterpret the world.

Founder of Museum 2050, Nicole Ching to guest curate our latest sale ‘Re:orient’. Ching’s passion is unlocking the potential of private museums in China, provoking discussion amongst young museum professionals, whilst advocating a stronger art’s curricula in Chinese education. 

AucArt is delighted to announce September’s guest curator, poet & model, Sonny Hall. ‘This Butterfly We Tried To Anaesthetize’ show features seven emerging artist’s close to Hall’s heart who breathe the same language, sharing the same “sinuous and sacrificial process” as one another.

Alongside this month’s sale, AucArt has commissioned Hall’s latest mesmerising text.

This September, AucArt brings together a curated selection of works by our roster of emerging artists. The vivid selection of works range from paintings, tapestries to works on paper.

g.r.i.d.l.o.c.k is an acronym for seven emerging Black artists. Curated by Ashleigh Barice, this selection is an embodiment of gratitude through action.

This August, AucArt brings together a curated selection of over 70 new works by 10 emerging artists from all over the globe, from the UK, France, all the way to Iran, Mexico, Taiwan and Russia. This range of vibrant works range from paintings, collage to works on paper.

Despite the cancellation of most degree shows, AucArt has brought together a selection of tales from around the country for our global community to enjoy.

A sale curated by Edoardo Monti, featuring works by twenty contemporary, artists. As a proud Italian, yet a citizen of the world, Edoardo dedicates his first online curatorial project to his compatriots.

Geometric abstraction artworks, based on the use of simple geometric forms placed in non-illusionistic spaces in non-objective compositions.

Praising artists’ genius, this sale showcases a selection of artworks that emphasise the feeling of hope in our everyday life.

Figurative and abstract paintings focusing on the gaze, a deeply personal perspective with which we interpret the world around us.

In Bloom showcases a selection of works by emerging artists who share a vision of our digital-fuelled  reality through a less traditional artistic approach.

Colourful abstract painting and sculpture driven by instinct and feeling, interconnecting sensations.

Artworks which, whether through figuration or abstraction, intention or interpretation, arouse erotic desire.

Figurative painting, sculpture and photography exploring perceptions of race, gender and identity.


Minimal artworks which, in their economy of form and colour, are threaded together by a concise intensity. 

Celebrating creativity and new beginnings with bold, vibrant works by our favourite emerging artists.