Buying with AucArt

All that is required to buy artworks on AucArt is to register as a Collector. 

browse and purchase

Browse our curated selection of works from anywhere in the world. Create your free Collector’s account and add to your basket to checkout.

direct from the artists' studio

AucArt arranges the pickup/delivery of your new artworks. You will receive tracking details via email.


Artworks travel to their new home. Domestic/International.

straight to you

Works are delivered straight to your door. Enjoy your new artworks and follow the artists’ journey.

7-10 Working Days

how can I pay?

You can purchase works via

-Credit/Debit Card (Including Visa, Mastercard, Amex)


-Bank/Wire Transfer 

 We offer the option to pay via installments. Please contact specialist@aucart.com for more details.

We are a global community

AucArt sells artworks directly out of artists’ studios. Our artists and collectors are located all over the world. As a collector, you can therefore choose whether to buy artworks from artists nearby or from the other side of the world.


All you need to do is register as a Collector. Once your profile has been created, you can then start to buy artworks on the platform.

The Auction page is where we showcase our curated auctions. New auctions go live every month. The artworks here can be bought either by bidding or at a fixed priced with buy now.

The Artworks page is where all the artworks can be found. Here you can browse not only artworks in the current auction(s) but also those from past auctions which, if still available, can only be purchased with buy now.

A reserve price is the confidential minimum price below which the item may not be sold in the auction. When you bid on an item with a reserve, if your bid does not meet or exceed the reserve, this will be indicated. Once the reserve has been met or exceeded the buyer will be notified via email at the close of the auction that they are the winning bidder. Should you decide to skip the bidding process you are able to purchase the artwork outright for a set price. Once payment has been processed, the work is immediately yours.

For all artworks with a height below 130cm the shipping price is indicated in on the product page, prior to committing to buy. Simply select your location and our shipping calculator will tell you how much it will cost to deliver the artwork to you.

All artworks are shipped directly from our artists’ studios. Shipping is therefore the responsibility of the artist. AucArt supervises the shipping process, ensuring that the artist delivers on time.

AucArt does not pack or ship the Property or provide any insurance in relation thereto. AucArt will, on your behalf and at your expense, procure shipping services by third party shippers. The shipper will ship the Property as your agent to the address designated by you. AucArt shall not be liable for any damaged or lost Property, which shall remain the responsibility of the third party shipping company.

All shipping costs are paid by the buyer and indicated on the product page, prior to committing to buy. A variety of shipping options are possible for the client at checkout, including delivery speed, tracking and insurance against damage during shipment.

If you are bidding for an item, you acknowledge and agree that if you are the winning bidder you will pay in full the price within 7 days of receiving the winning bid confirmation.

If you have purchased an item via buy now, you acknowledge and agree to pay in full the price immediately, on checkout, unless a purchase is made with a member of our sales team, in which case an invoice will be sent directly to you and payment can be made via a wire transfer within 7 days of receiving this invoice.

All payments are made through the platform’s online payment system.

All prices indicated on product pages exclude VAT and any other applicable sales taxes, such as import duties.

International shipments are subject to duty and tax as determined by the customs of the importing country. The buyer will pay any fees directly upon receipt of your shipment. You are liable to pay additional taxes and charges such as import VAT and customs duty if the Property is shipped to the country you designate.

All payments are made in pounds sterling (GBP). However, prices may also be indicated in euros (EUR) and US dollars (USD), as a estimated guide price only.

You are liable for all costs associated with making such payment in pounds sterling regardless of your home currency (including all associated bank charges). If AucArt incurs any bank charges resulting from your payment, we may recover such charges from you.

According to UK & EU Law You have 14 days to request a refund as of the moment you receive the item. You must then return the item within 14 days from the day you requested a refund and you must pay for the cost of returning the item. Refunds will be sent within 31 days from the date the work arrives at its original location. However, if the returned item is damaged AucArt has the right to deduct the cost of this damage.