Selling with AucArt

AucArt is a selling platform exclusively for artists.

Why sell with AucArt?


Our collectors are based all over the world, and can buy your work from anywhere.


We spotlight our artists in the media, featuring them in articles and other channels.  


Once you sell work we do invoicing, condition reporting and ensure payment. 


We have ties to major institutions around the world that engage in our artists.

Customer Service

We handle all customer enquiries and after-sale service.


We do all the work involved in overseeing that your artwork is shipped correctly.


To sell on AucArt all you need to do is register as an artist. Included in the steps to create your account you’ll need to provide us with details about your higher education (if applicable) and your career to date (e.g. exhibitions and/or press), as well as send us a PDF of your recent available works. If approved, we will respond to you via email. 

Yes – we consider all applications. We focus on emerging painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramic, mixed-media, photography and design (3D & textile). We add value for both our artists and collectors by being selective in what we choose to showcase. Once you have submitted your profile, and email will be sent to you confirming that we have received it. We will then verify it. If you do not receive a subsequent message within a month of the first confirmation email, this means that your art does not match our current criteria. However, we will keep you under consideration in the future.

If your profile has been approved you will receiving an email confirming that your profile has been created, as of which you will be able to login and start uploading artworks. Just as we review profiles that are submitted to us, we also review artworks submitted by our artists. It’s important that the information provided when you upload each artwork is detailed and accurate (title of the work, materials, exact dimensions, where the artwork will be collected from if sold, and a high resolution image). If your artwork is approved we will then inform you when it will go live on the platform.

When you upload an artwork you set the reserve price for it (the lowest amount you are willing to accept for it). We then verify this and, if we think the amount should be different, will contact you.

Yes. Once your profile has been created you will be able to see in your account settings our commission structure in your consignment agreement.

All purchases are made through the website. Once AucArt has received payment from the buyer we will arrange a shipping company to collect the artwork from you. Your earnings from the sale are then transferred to you by electronic bank transfer within 31 days as of the date the artwork is collected from you.

When your artwork is sold we will immediately inform you by email, asking you to let us know the date, time and location you would like it to be picked up by the third party shipping company selected by the buyer (please ensure that the address is up-to-date and accurate). In order to ensure prompt delivery to the buyer, and your prompt payment, the pick up must be within 5 working days us contacting you to arrange the pickup (if you are away from your studio then please make sure someone can hand over the artwork in your absence). Packaging the work securely and safely is the responsibility of the artist.

As per EU law, the buyer has, as of the date they have received the artwork, 14 days to inform us if they wish to return the artwork to you (at their expense) and, as of the date they inform us this, an additional 14 days to return the artwork to you.

No. As soon as an artwork is sold it is marked “Sold” on the website. The final hammer price is hidden.

If your artwork does not sell at auction it will then remain on the site, available to be bought as a Buy Now item, for an additional 11 months.