Fever was aptly conceived in a summer of rising temperatures, highlighting the potent sensorial and psychological capacities of heat. This meandering selection illuminates heat as a mercurial energy, evoking its piercing dualities.


These works dive into incendiary spaces of yearning and questioning, highlighting the boiling points of urban existence and identity. They underscore the heated pressures of inseverable ties, the warm resonance of roots, and the fierce solemnity of ritual. Yet, heat can also be escapism, catharsis, and connection. It envelopes lush oases of beachscapes and botany, transforms internal frenzy into luminosity, and vibrates in spaces of affection and desire. Perhaps most significantly, the heat of Fever lies in the latent potential it activates. Fever proves the fervent ambition these budding artists possess, celebrating their devotion and passion.


In Fever, heat is simultaneously personal yet relational, destructive yet generative, and meditative yet volatile. Fever marks an essence of the universal and elemental, capturing a full range of desires, self-conceptions, and associations.


Curated by William Lim
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