Available Works


Nicole Jean McCorkell (b.1995, Hong Kong) uses painting as a recorder of totality. Her works are vividly chaotic, merging the figurative and the abstract. She derives inspiration from the sediments of everyday life, drawing from the words, objects, and textures of her environment. These external surroundings further serve as symbols and markers of emotion and memory, uninhibitedly projecting McCorkell’s internal landscape onto her canvas surfaces. Her works ultimately serve as veritable celebrations of life, truthfully exposing inevitable doubts, dilemmas, fantasies, and realities.


BA, Hong Kong Baptist University, 2013-2018


2019, Look!, Koo Ming Kown Exhibition Gallery, Hong Kong (Group)
2018, Daily Abstract, Contemporary by Angela Li, Hong Kong (Group)
2018, INVINCIBLE FIRE AND WIND WHEEL, a.m apce, Hong Kong (Group)
2018, HKBU AVA Graduation Show, AVA, Hong Kong (Group)
2018, 築木, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong (Group)
2018, Invisible, Koo Ming Kown Exhibition Gallery, Hong Kong (Group)
2018, Really Intensive, AVA Gallery, Hong Kong (Group)
2018, Hot Bed Press, 20x20 Print Exchange, UK (Group)
2017, Making Prints有版就有畫, AVA Gallery Hong Kong (Group)
2017, Hot Bed Press, 20x20 Print Exchange (Group)