Multiple Realities

This month, AucArt welcomes Contemporary Art Collectors founder, Art advisor and all-round art enthusiast, Vera Bertran.  Life does not just mean the years a person lived but includes their relationships with the world around them. As a result of our view of the external world, we form our core beliefs about reality. What our perception suggests becomes our reality. Initially, we accept it as a given and then begin to live with it. Still, there are obvious facts and theories that, from time to time, should make us suspect the existence of just one world and one reality: our illusions and dreams, deja vu, memories, different scientific theories, simulated and virtual reality. If we can create new cultural territories in virtuality, then we are not limited by the geographical circumstances of a particular country. Considering how often socialization occurs in the virtual world, it proves that the web is already a sufficiently inhabited world. Given the time we spend in our dreams, there is no reason to believe that the life that happens to us there is less authentic than what happens outside them. It all depends on what is considered life and what is considered a dream, and whether it is worth separating them it all? Our imagination becomes another reality.


The things we see and hear are real as long as we can perceive them as such. We are challenged to embrace ontological neutrality. Can it be that what we are experiencing now is the dream, and what we suppose to be a dream is the real world? Reality is not a unique and non-contradictory sphere of life but a diversity of ‘sub-universes’. Society is culture, and information around is pure metaphysics. Culture is the kingdom of dreams, and one truth and one reality don’t exist. Planet Earth is a submarine; it is hardly possible to escape from it yet. There will always be different parallel realities, swaying from side to side. There are many of them, and they are different. The things around us are neither good nor evil; it is not good nor bad–nothing is unambiguous. Is what is good is one reality evil in another? We are free to interpret reality as we want. Nothing in the world is true; everything is relative or maybe pure fiction.

Curated by Vera Bertran


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