This month, we welcome self-taught botanist, florist and designer, Robbie Honey who has curated ‘Arranged’. Comprising friends and acquaintances nurtured over the years, Honey’s sale explores the works of like-minded artists who share the ability to capture the beauty in the world around us. Whilst some of the works allow the viewer to experience a new sense of wonder within the natural world, others are contemplative and serene; but what they all collectively share is the ability to provoke awe, contemplation and calm, reflection and peaceThis December we celebrate AucArt’s third birthday whilst simultaneously entering a period of reflection in anticipation for the start of the new year. Such works allow us to take a moment and consider the universal beauty provided by nature, but also inspire us to discover within it in the most hidden and unconventional places. 


Curated by Robbie Honey
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