From Heaven

This month AucArt welcomes guest curator, designer and social activist Franklin Ayzenberg. Their show, FROM HEAVEN, welcomes 6 brand new artists to the AucArt roster who explore elements of fantasy through design, fashion and works on paper. 

FROM HEAVEN is an online exhibition about the concept of an adult playground. The show was born out of Frank’s obsession with gender-queer people and their innate tendency to exist beyond what has been understood as reality. Themes from the show originated from Evan Bohan, a poem by transgender poet Rabbi Kalonymus ben Kalonymus ben Meir who lived in Arles, France from 1286 to 1328. This medieval poem is a rare gift of transgender history and speaks to a shared queer experience of self exploration through the lens of daydream. The objects, paintings, and prints from this show are meant to invoke an urge to play “make-believe.” Artists involved in FROM HEAVEN were selected because their work displays a unique combination of fantasy and reality. Sean Gherstley and Liz Hopkins both contributed imaginative side tables that juxtapose function and form. Alison Veit’s unusual method of sand and plaster molding is a triumphant success in material research and functional Fine Art. Lou Dallas’s masks and Karen Kuo’s dirt spheres are a prime example of the freaky lucid dreaming that this show was built upon. Photographer Ivar Wigan provides one of one prints of myself and Zurich based performance artist, Boychild. Wigan’s work feels supernatural, as do Gitte Möller’s multiple prints and single original drawing. Both Möller and Wigan were chosen because of their emphasis on otherworldliness and the subconscious. The last artist to join this group show was Vicente Matte. His original drawing of an angel peering down at an unidentifiable figure felt like a preternatural vision of the “queer utopia” that the group show FROM HEAVEN is centered around. Enjoy! 

Curated by Franklin Ayzenberg


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