Women Artists to Watch

AucArt welcomes GLOBART Advisory co-founders Zeynep Utku and Deniz Caglar to curate this month’s sale ‘Women Artists to Watch’, showcasing works from 9 female artists without discrimination toward race, age, class, sexual, spiritual or political orientation. Women have continued the struggle for recognition in modern and contemporary art spheres, to such an extent that feminist collective Guerilla Girls asked in 1989, “Do women have to be naked to get into the Met? ‘Women Artists to Watch’ will pay homage to Alex Strada’s ‘Artist Contract’, which is an artwork sales agreement that requires any collector to reinvest all accrued value in new artwork by an emerging female-identifying artist. The contract also serves as a piece of  conceptual art itself. Attaching it to this selection makes an artistic statement as the legal document becomes inseparable from the artwork. Among the artists featured in December’s sale are Aamina Hoosain, Anke Loots, Edith Karlson, Fatima Tayob Moosa, Gabrielle Kruger, Isabella Chydenius, Kim Jackson, Liu Xi and Nina Saunders, themes surrounding questions of identity, gender, class, race, sex, birth and regeneration are continually addressed. GLOBART Advisory specialises in Post-war and Contemporary Art, with a primary focus on corporate collections and public art, aiming to bring contemporary art to a broadened audience, creating an impact that provides public powerful experiences by unifying art and the urban environment. The Art Philanthropy program at GLOBART endeavors to explore this intersection, creating tools and resources to encourage cultural awareness through increased levels of community engagement and social cohesion.

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