Whispers presents a group of exciting new talents and emerging Swedish artists, many presented internationally for the first time through AucArt. The works of Ellen Macke Alström, Duda Bebek, Lisa Liljeström, Ingrid Segring, and Hampus Wernemyr are threaded together to explore fragmentation, nostalgic remembrance, and folkloric tales. A thin veil separates us from our physically lived reality and something beyond. A world that is felt, imagined, created, and remembered. In these works, emotional landscapes appear and disappear, vulnerability and strength co-exist, the uncanny and magical meet, and the future and the past do not feel so far apart. The artists in ‘Whispers’ successfully employ para-fiction as a tool that creates opportunities to convey new meaning and parallel realities, which break down more autobiographical and fictional narratives. Unsettling the boundary between truth and fiction, the artworks create new and uncanny spaces for the viewer to explore.  Interpreted as visions from our world and whispers from another, Whispers presents narratives and fiction that allow multiple truths to exist simultaneously, awakening feelings of nostalgia, remembrance, and creative imagination.


Curated by Jeanette Gunnarsson
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