Tides Always Turn

Waiting has been a part of human life for thousands of years. Although it is often considered an annoyance, time spent waiting is much more than simply ‘unused’ or lost time. Waiting provides an opportunity for reflection, creativity, deceleration and mindfulness. It opens up a realm of unimagined possibilities.


With this sale, AucArt is exploring this complex and universal theme with a selection of works that are meditations on distance and waiting, both perceived as uncomfortable feelings exposing us to the uncertainty of things to come.


Sociologist Zygmunt Bauman advocates for the idea of Liquid Modernity, life’s liquid dimension of the here and now that doesn’t admit all-embracing perspectives and long-term horizons. Waiting is addressed as a curiously anachronistic phenomenon in our fast-paced modern society and to avoid getting absorbed by this dimension, it’s essential for individuals to be able to outdistance and wait in order to face the future with the perspective of creating new beginnings, evolutions, departures.


Tides Always Turn proposes cultural returns upon ordinary moments: it’s interested in how value comes into being, in how images allow us to hold onto and celebrate isolated fragments of our lives, and the ways in which they are shaped by their context.


Curated by Marco Galvan
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