AucArt welcomes UCCA’s Director of Development & Creative Strategy Christina You to curate this month’s sale Timestamps, showcasing works from 6 emerging Chinese artists.



“The works curated represent timestamps of significant moments in my life, in other words all the pieces have to speak to me instinctively. It’s said that when you look at things in a visceral way, new neural pathways open up in your brain. Art is not only to hang on the wall but there to help us understand the power of self-expression. I have always enjoyed being friends with artists since early days in my job. These artists are the ones I became friends with during the pandemic which makes it even more special. I hope we all look back to this difficult phase with something positive in mind. So all the more reasons to focus on art which resonates with our experiences, challenges us in unexpected ways and represents the moment in time we live in. I would like to dedicate this event to my late grandmother who passed away on the day when this online exhibition was planned to go live.”



Curated Christina You
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