Works of Art Inspired by Love

When asked to curate an art sale for AucArt, ‘Love’ was at the forefront of my mind. I had spent time reading ‘Love In Colour’ by Bolu Babalola and Symona’s Still Single by Lisa Bent. I received so much emotional intensity and desire by browsing ‘Who is Loving You’, a collection of love stories by women of colour edited by Sareeta Domingo. Sareeta’s short-story titled, ‘The waves will carry us back’ occurred on the shores of a beach where two strangers from different sides of the globe find love in a fated tragedy. Over the phone, Sareeta gave me more insight into the inspiration behind the characters. She came across a photograph of a soldier cradling an African woman who arrived on the Spanish beach Tarifa exhausted and cold. The writer was able to see past that moment of sadness and create a world full of possibilities driven by love. 

I started to think about how artists, authors and poets find inspiration in fiction and nonfiction affectional scenes. I wanted to see a collection of work by Black women artists that have been inspired by something or someone the artist loves. 

Annis Harrison artworks draw inspiration from historical events and her love of the Black community. On ceramic plates, Annis honours literary greats, those whose words have sparked shifts in human thoughts on society and the role of self. On a dreamy eye-catching yellow, Gayle Ebose faith encouraged her to etch Psalm 46 on the canvas, a verse I clung to and re-read many times. Miranda Forrester influence comes from women sharing themselves and stories in intimate therapeutic live drawing sessions run by Our Naked Truths.

Curated by Bolanle Tajudeen


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