True To Life

This month, AucArt delves into the realm of realism. Despite its rigorous training, realist painting has been overshadowed by abstract art since it rose to prominence in the 20th century. No longer the dominant style, realism was thought of as less progressive, even regressive. However, these traditional methods which involve painstaking training, have continued to appeal to contemporary artists who have pushed the technique to its limits in dynamically new ways. This sale explores the ongoing discourse of contemporary realist painting and its changing function within modern society. Featuring figurative work by international artists, True to Life offers fresh and unique perspectives on a long-standing tradition rooted in craftsmanship and technical mastery. There is a psychological dimension to each piece that runs as a common thread between the selected artists who invite the viewer to empathise with the characters, to step into their reality, thereby gaining new perspectives and experiences through the art – a bold retort to the common criticism that contemporary realism lacks complexity.


Curated by Marco Galvan
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