Kingdom Emerging

This month, AucArt are thrilled to announce their first Saudi Arabian artist sale, Kingdom Emerging الناشئة المملكة ‘curated by Marriam Mossalli, Founder of Saudi Arabia’s leading luxury communications consultancy, Niche Arabia alongside Dorian May, Co-Founder of Niche Arabia Art. Recognising Saudi as a region bursting with young creatives, she set up an initiative connecting young local creatives with international brands and companies to accurately portray the Saudi point of aesthetic. For Marriam Mossalli, allowing young Saudi creatives the freedom to tell their own story without others assuming their voices is crucial to changing the cultural landscape of modern Saudi Arabia. In some way or another the Saudi region represents ‘home’ for these artists, a home in which they significantly contribute to its thriving art movement. Though proud of their cultural heritage, these artists are also looking to test the boundaries of self-expression within a region known for its famously conservative values. In the past, Saudi art has been characterised by colour, ornate patterns and elaborate Islamic calligraphy, a craft that was considered a hobby rather than a livelihood. These artists, therefore, are pioneers of a flourishing industry which has not yet been wholly accepted as means of living. In recent years, the support and patronage of Saudi art has only increased, which is why we are so excited to be welcoming these artists to the AucArt roster this month. These cutting edge artists work in a broad range of mediums including paint, collage, photography and video. To some of these artists, the process by which their works are made is a means of therapy, engaging with emotive forms such as dance, whilst others actively and critically investigate the ever changing cultural and political dynamics of the kingdom, commenting on ideas about gender, religion. What is clear to the viewer, is the contrast between the joy and temporality experienced by individuals within society.


Curated by Marriam Mossalli & Dorian May
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