1-30 april 2020

Figurative and abstract paintings focusing on the gaze, a deeply personal perspective with which we interpret the world around us.

1-31 march 2020

In Bloom showcases a selection of works by emerging artists who share a vision of our digital-fuelled  reality through a less traditional artistic approach.

1-29 FEBRUARY 2020

Colourful abstract painting and sculpture driven by instinct and feeling, interconnecting sensations.

1-29 FEBRUARY 2020

Figurative painting, sculpture and photography exploring perceptions of race, gender and identity.


1-31 january 2020

Minimal artworks which, in their economy of form and colour, are threaded together by a concise intensity. 


1-31 JANUARY 2020

Our first sale featuring emerging artists working in design, sculpture, ceramics, and glass. 

1-31 December 2019

Artworks which, whether through figuration or abstraction, intention or interpretation, arouse erotic desire.

1-30 November 2019

Celebrating creativity and new beginnings with bold, vibrant works by our favourite emerging artists.