In Dialogue Part I

This month AucArt collaborates with Finder to explore the differences and affinities within artists’ formal, thematic and iconographic languages, in turn cultivating a discourse on the work of 25 emerging international artists. Finder is a visual project started by Laura Di Teodoro in 2018 and its focus is to create dialogues between artworks and contemporary visual references. These relationships are formed on the basis of morphological and semantic relations, i.e. connections are based on the form, structure and messages within the works. Whilst some associations are more obvious, like those made between colour, others are more illusive, such as the reflection of a shape, decontextualized. 

Finder’s ethos arises from the necessity to fix inspiring content into time and space, which could be reactivated through associations at a later stage. Investigating shared relationships between works that straddle decades, opens us up to the idea that works of art are perpetually growing and shifting within their ever-changing contexts. The only aim is to create connections – not comparisons – among visual references; discourses that could offer new narratives and realms. In-house curator Marco Galvan and Finder’s founder Laura Di Teodoro worked together to research, select and associate artworks, in continuity with AucArt’s primary mission: to discover and support emerging artists around the world. The presentation will display intentional pairings of works in the form of diptychs by placing artists together for comparative analysis and dialogues. This sale adopts a hyper-textual approach in order to create artworks’ interactions that permit them to acquire new layers of meanings, expanding and enriching their essence. 

Untitled, 2020

Graphite, pastel, acrylic and colored pencil on paper

101.6 x 76.2 x 2cm

NOT Breastmilk, 2021

Raw pigment and oils on canvas

30.5 x 25.5 x 4cm

Down the Point, 2020

Soft pastel on paper

25 x 20 x 4cm

Love II (Osures T-Shirt), 2020

Watercolour pencil on paper

51 x 36 x 2cm

Untitled (Hand Study), 2020

Oil on canvas

61 x 50.8 x 2cm

Folded Female Reclining II, 2020

Oil and charcoal on canvas

122 x 91.5 x 3cm

Fragmented Female Yellow and Blue, 2020

Collage on paper

61 x 45.7 x 2cm

Tall Horse, 2018

Oil on canvas

137 x 97 x 4cm

Sleep Paralysis II, 2019

Mixed media and collage on paper

66 x 103 x 4cm

Big Wee, 2020

Raw pigment and acrylic ink on canvas

117 x 86 x 4cm

Outside Looking In, 2020

Oil on canvas

91.5 x 101.6 x 2cm

El Don, 2019

Acrylic and charcoal on Kraft paper

95 x 71 x 2cm

Untitled (Portrait of Miguel del Valle's Soul), 2020

Acrylic and graphite on cardboard

122 x 91.5 x 2cm

Piu Mosso Performed More Quickly and More Motion, 2019

Oil and acrylic on canvas

100 x 80 x 4cm