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Julia Kaiser (b.1970, Germany) is a contemporary visual artist whose paintings are an investigation of visual vocabularies; a playful exploration of form, color combinations, and patterns that represent a private, abstract language. Rhythm and repetition work meditatively for Julia. From slow and deliberate to impulsive and fast, she wants to capture the vibrancy of motion. The large canvas allows her to express freedom and exuberance, yet her marks and gestures attempt to attain a balance between discipline and play, spontaneity and control. Figurative elements invade her world for a while and then disappear again, while old-school technical drawings, vintage flora and fauna studies, maps and bitmapped graphical elements might also contribute to a visual conversation. The resulting work is a collision between the geometric and organic, digital and analog, structure and chaos. Julia lives and works in Amsterdam. To request additional works please contact specialist@aucart.com


MFA, Sandberg Institute, 1995-1997

BA, College of Fine Arts Saarbrücken, 1990-1995


2021, This Art Fair, Amsterdam (Group)
2020, This Art Truck, Amsterdam (Group)
2019, The Journey for a Better Place, Galerie Oosterbosch (Solo)
2018, This Art Fair, Amsterdam (Group) 
2018, New Work, Galerie Oosterbosch (Solo)
2018, Friendly Conversations, Amsterdam Artspace (Solo)