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Faye Woods (b.1998, Scotland) is a contemporary painter using her everyday experience of loss and love to help her navigate through life. In her practice she tries to bring attention to the surreal aspects of life and the way the oddness of experience manifests within individuals and how that manifestation affects her. In her vulnerability she craves strange moments of intimacy. Faye imagines drinking straight from the tap of all emotion, drinking so much of it, she takes on too much and is sick and everything she spews out ends up in her work. Faye live and works in Glasgow, Scotland.


BA, Gray’s School of Art, Robert Gordon University Aberdeen, 2017-2021


2020, Resonant Strangeness, Glasgow, Scotland (Group)
2020, With Love, Glasgow, Scotland (Group)
2020, Figuratively Speaking, Glasgow, Scotland (Group)
2020, Aberdeen Artist Society, Glasgow, Scotland (Group)
2019, Two Halves, Glasgow, Scotland (Group)