Zahra Shahcheraghi

My Ever Extravagant Mind, 2021

Oil on canvas

Painting99 x 150 x 2cmShips from Iran

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About the Artist

Zahra Shahcheraghi (b.1989, Iran) is a contemporary visual artist whose abstracted works explore themes of figuration and the human body. Throughout her childhood, due to the immense love for her grandmother, Zahra spent most of her time at her grandmothers home. Every time Zahra and her cousins were taken to shower, the deformed limbs of her grandmother often questioned her, noting that she is not like anyone. From then on, her interest in the female body and the discovery of other women's deformity increased. The veiled women who are true and genuine in the shower without mask, complication and the fantasy of their naked body in their private moments became a reason for her paintings. Zahra lives and works in Iran.