1-29 FEBRUARY 2020

1-29 FEBRUARY 2020

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Discover the Welsh studio of British artist Francesca Neal, whose practice explores distillations of the internal self, as well as the sensorial possibilities of paint, creating an intimate inspection of the surface.

Guy Haddon Grant

studio visit: guy haddon grant

Join us as a complimentary guest to visit the studio of British artist, Guy Haddon Grant. 

AucArt Collector's Club is delighted to invite you as a complimentary guest to the studio of Judas Companion. 

See the full calendar of our studio visits and other events scheduled for the Collector’s Club.

Recent Press

1-31 JANUARY 2019

Our first sale featuring emerging artists working in design, sculpture, ceramics, and glass.

1-31 JANUARY 2019

A collection of minimal artworks which, in their economy of form and colour, are threaded together by a concise intensity.

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