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Olivia Springberg (b.2000, USA) is a contemporary visual artist whose practice recalls and examines ambiguous memories and interactions that affected her in emotionally profound ways. These instances are often brief, some even having occurred in dreams. Olivia re-works the perspective of moments to exhibit the weight they carry for herself. The process serves as a meditation that brings the act of remembrance into her artistic practice. By investigating the duality between the realm of memory and range of experiences, Olivia can better understand memories and projections that are difficult to articulate. By visually representing her perception of these situations, Olivia is able to transfer their weight from the mind into her compositions. Olivia lives and works in Virginia, USA.


BA, Rhode Island School of Design, 2019-2021


2022, Issue 23, Art Maze Magazine

2022, Issue 160, New American Paintings


2022, Residual Hauntings, Gelman Gallery, Providence, RI, USA (Group)
2022, Judaica, Goldfarb Family Gallery, Providence, RI, USA (Group)
2021, Judaica, Goldfarb Family Gallery, Providence, RI, USA (Group)
2021, Time Capsule, The Watson Institute, Brown University, USA (Group)
2020, Artomatic, Washington, D.C, USA (Group)
2019, Signs of the Times, Gallery Clarendon, Arlington, VA, USA (Group)
2019, EFS Triennial, Woods-Gerry Gallery, Providence, RI, USA (Group)
2019, Mental Health Awareness, The National Council, Washington, D.C, USA (Group)