David Lunney

Twinkler at Saggart Hill, 2021

Colored pencil on panel and picture frame materials

Mixed Media61 x 45 x 2.5cmShips from Ireland


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About the Artist

David Lunney (b.1998, UK) is an artist based in Dublin. David often uses the Dublin and Wicklow Mountains as his guerrilla sculpture garden, working as a fine art picture framer. Familiarity with the tools and materials has been a boon to Davids practice, applying new and innovative framing techniques to existing tropes within his practice resulted in a hyper-detailed idiosyncratic style. David's artistic practice involves the undertaking of protracted art processes. The resulting artworks can take the form of prints, drawings or photographs. These images are rendered, framed and presented in a fashion which intentionally obscures and embellishes the original object, vista and moment that they represent. In these artworks, it is often the relationship between representational imagery and it’s surrounding abstract visual information which infers the processes and concepts behind the work. The works have a self-contained narrative; the concept and the material process are intrinsically linked in the artworks discussion of it’s provenance.