Ancient Camera at Kilmashogue Passage Tomb, 2021

Colored pencil on panel and picture frame materials

Mixed Media69 x 43 x 2.5cmShips from Ireland


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About the Artist

SKILLS AND OVERVIEW Chris Cox @wild_canary is a 33 year old aesthetically self taught, fabrication trained, schizophrenically intuit, Large-scale and Edition Sculptor based in Rhode Island whose artwork first appeared publicly in 2012 as sculptural graffiti targeting the Ease Side of Providence,RI. Utilizing traditional and self-developed techniques Chris Cox @wild_canary experiments with two dimensionally extruded silhouettes and modular design to create installations that unobtrusively but imposingly occupy a large volumetric footprint. Creating what he calls “sculptural scriptures”, through visual metaphor and obscurely connected pop cultural reference in his language of objects Chris Cox @wild_canary explores conceptual hypotheses of the biological possibilities of interpersonal communication as it relates to consciousness and momentary interterconnection using the philosophical method of compound found truths, truths based on theoretical physics and his own perceived personal experiences and observations while pondering the question “what is man.” Chris Cox @wild_canary creates strictly defined regulatory format constitutions for editions of his maquetted sculptural designs, dictating the scale, materials, finish, tools and techniques used in their fabrication as well as limiting their unit and release structure while also_ in the case of the artist-handmade 12 unit Origin Edition_ enacting the RVI [rapid value inflation] pricing sequence of compounded doubling. Further experimenting with his abilities of artistic alchemy can be seen in Chris Cox @wild_canary #micromonoprints. Painted with thin rubber stamps and stencils cut to his sculptural silhouettes in a mechanically and monotonously repetitive unpredictable process of controlled randomness Chris Cox @wild_canary’s #micromonoprints can best be described as abstract expressionist block prints. Painted with acrylic paint on stonehenge paper utilizing this hand done but seemingly automated method of infinite painting generation, the largest #micromonoprints measure 22”x30” these large #macromonoprints are quite rare as most of Chris Cox @wild_canary’s #micromonoprint paintings measure just 2.5”x2.5” or less and are individually dimebagged as a commentary comparison of the art and drug markets. RELATED EMPLOYMENT EXPERIENCE Amaral Custom Fabrications, Rhode Island — FRP specialist 2012 - 2016 Fabrication, Restoration and Installation of large and small scale museum quality sculptures of blue chip contemporary masters on the likes of Keith Haring, Roy Lichtenstein, and Alexander Calder as well as sculptural publishing’s of designs by living contemporary artists. Jamestown Distributors — Composite Technology Support Specialist and Sales Associate. September 2016 - April 2018 Brainstorm new composite products for company brand. Test new composite product. Instruct and educate staff and clients on proper composite fabrication techniques and material technical specifications and best use practices. Maintain return clients list including complete inventory of their composite purchases and projects. EDUCATION International Yacht Restoration School, Rhode Island — Advanced Composites 2010 - 2011 , Bristol, RI USA Under the tutelage of carbon fiber fabrication pioneer, C-Class Catamaran and America’s Cup Lead Boatbuilder_ Henry Elliot, Chris Cox @wild_canary was trained in all aspects of basic and advanced fiberglass, carbon fiber, and Kevlar composite fabrication; receiving certifications in marine, automotive, and aerospace grade composite technologies under the authority of the American Composites Manufacturing Association.