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Ella Duret (b.1991, Belgium) is a visual artist whose practice approaches the nude, its curves and shadows. Ella’s painting explore the sensuality of bodies intertwined in their sinuous nature. Intricate in it’s refined shapes, her vision is inspired by the imperfections of nudity, always questioning different ways of longing. Ella lives and works in Brussels, Belgium.


MA, ERG School of Arts Brussels, 2015

BA, ERG School of Arts Brussels, 2011


2022, Dans La Forêt, Brussels, Belgium (Solo)
2022, Fabriek Van Malder, Brussels, Belgium (Group)
2022, Gare Maritime Tour & Taxi, Brussels, Belgium (Group)
2021, The Art Hunt by Lenart, Brussels, Belgium (Group)
2021, Wolf, Brussels, Belgium (Group)
2019, Faulkner, Vancouver, Canada (Solo)