Leonardo Guglielmi

1999, 2022

Acrylic on canvas

Painting70 x 50 x 2cmShips from China


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About the Artist

Leonardo Guglielmi (b.1996, Italy) was born and raised in the outskirts of Venice, Italy, where he underwent classical art education. In a county known for many great artists throughout its history, that means mostly studying proportion and learning about human anatomy. Based now in Guangzhou, China, Leonardo’s work focuses primarily on the refusal of said academic art rules. He expresses this by often distorting or skewing his depiction of subjects so that they are just a little off or even geometrized. The main subjects, accompanied by techniques that allow for the distortion of proportion, canons and perspective, create a feeling that his work is a digital image that is struggling to load on a laptop or phone. Leonardo also brings modern and contemporary aspects of life into his works, such as selfies, fashion Items, and tattoos in an attempt to create a conversation between tradition and present realities that continue to evolve within society. Leonardo lives and works in Guangzhou, China.