Available Works


Viktoryia Shydlouskaya Dijk (b.1992, Belarus) is a contemporary artist whose practice depicts themes of non-verbal communication and desire conveyed by ones body language. Her gestural figurations represent the sensual information one expresses when aroused by a particular feelings or movement, a core and primal element to the human condition. Viktoryia lives and works in Rotterdam, Netherlands.


BA, BA KABK (Royal Academy of Fine Arts, the Hague), 2012-2016

BA, Belarus State College, 2008-2012


2021,Solo exhibition, Gallery De Twee Pauwen, Netherlands (Solo)
2020,Stretching Arms, A Women’s Thing x AucArt online viewing room & interview (Group)
2019, New Feminine, Pavilion Welgelegen, Haarlem, Netherlands (Group)
2018, Museale Kunst, Gallery De Twee Pauwen, Netherlands (Group)
2018, Social Creature, Gallery De Twee Pauwen, Netherlands (Group)
2017, Over Eaten, Gallery De Twee Pauwen, Netherlands (Group)
2017, Huid, Gallery De Twee Pauwen, Netherlands (Group)
2016, 10 Years Thomas Eyck, Zuiderzeemuseum, Netherlands (Group)
2016, The Beholder's Share, Gallery De Twee Pauwen, Netherlands (Solo)
2016, Expansion Festival, KABK, Netherlands (Group)
2015, Body Language, Coffee Company, The Hague, Netherlands (Solo)
2015, One Of Us, KABK, The Hague, Netherlands (Solo)
2015, We Are The Band, Plantagedok, Amsterdam, Netherlands (Group)
2014, Process Of Sound, Gemak, The Hague, Netherlands (Group)
2014, Design The Happiness, Depot BG Amsterdam, Netherlands (Group)
2014, Sadness And Happiness In The City, KABK, The Hague, Netherlands (Group)
2013, De Algemene Rekenkamer, Gevisualiseerd, The Hague, Netherlands (Group)
2012, Annual Exhibition, The President’s Special Talented Youth Support Fund of the Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Belarus (Group)
2010, Faces, Yanka Kupala Library, Minsk, Belarus (Solo)