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Sara Benninga (b.1982, Israel) is a contemporary painter focusing on the human figure and narrative. In her work Benninga constructs paintings dealing with subjects of femininity, sexuality, experience, and psychological tension, also which refer to the history of art and culture. While relating to the past, these contemporary narratives evade a definitive meaning, thus enticing the viewer to tell his or her own story. This is a reflexive action – which is metaphoric of painting itself: an art that reflects what you see. Viewing is interpretation. Sara lives and works in Jerusalem, Israel.


PhD, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2010-2017

MA, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2006-2009

BFA, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, 2008-2012

BA, Tel Aviv University, 2003-2006


2023, Jerusalem Censored This Israeli’s Nude Art, Then Denied It. ‘Soon They’ll Say There Was Never an Exhibit’, Haaretz

2021, Featured Painting and Statement, AJS Perspectives

2021, Thoughts on Food, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design,

2021, Mantis: A Journal of Poetry, Criticism and Translation, Stanford University

2020, Editor’s Choice, Terminal Art Magazine


2023, New Members, Jerusalem Artists’ House, Israel (Solo)
2023, Close, Museum on the Seam, Jerusalem, Israel (Dup)
2023, The Road to the Pole, Litvak Contemporary, Tel Aviv, Israel (Group)
2022, Looking Beyond, Tal Gallery, Kfar Vradim, Israel (Solo)
2022, Girotondo, Litvak Contemporary, Tel Aviv, Israel (Group)
2021, Bacchanal, Maya Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel (Solo)
2021, Bloodline: The Artist’s Family, Litvak Contemporary, Tel Aviv, Israel (Group)
2021, Draw me a Child, Illustration Week, Tel Aviv, Israel (Group)
2020, Salon Hacubia, Portraiture Exhibition, Israel (Group)
2019, Artist Wall, Maya Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel (Solo)
2019, Present Occurrences: Winners of the Young Artists Scholarship, Jerusalem Print Workshop, Israel (Group)
2019, Civilized Jungle, Gallery of David Yellin Academic College of Education, Israel (Group)
2018, Exhibition, Rosenbach Contemporary Art Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel (Group)
2018, Pnina Yuchtman Prize, Rali Museum, Cesaerea (Group)
2018, Eclectics, Koresh 14, Jerusalem, Israel (Group)
2017, Trickle, The New Gallery Artists Studios, Jerusalem, Israel (Solo)
2017, Man’s Man, Jerusalem Biennale, Israel (Group)
2017, Salon, Hakubia, Jerusalem, Israel (Group)
2017, Artist’s Appointment, Manofim, Jerusalem Contemporary Art Festival, Israel (Group)
2016, Hallway Conversations, The New Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel (Group)
2016, Barbur 24 Hour Residency, Jerusalem, Israel (Group)
2015, Demons and Ghosts, The New Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel (Group)
2014, Bread and Roses, Art Sale Exhibition, Tel Aviv, Israel (Group)
2012, Graduation Exhibition, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, Israel (Solo)