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Maiko Kikuchi (b.1983, Japan) is a multi-disciplinary artist whose practice is Influenced by her psychoanalyst father. Maiko became interested in the boundary between dreams and reality. When she was little, she started creating based on the idea of making “visible daydreams”. She received her B.A in Theater Arts and Fashion Design from Musashino Art University in 2008, and soon after, she moved to the United States to study fine arts, receiving an M.F.A. in Sculpture from Pratt Institute in 2012. Maiko lives and works in New York, USA.


MFA, Pratt Institute, 2010-2012

BA, Musashino Art University, 2004-2008


2021, Maiko Kikuchi, Without Paper

2021, Maiko Kikuchi, Create Magazine

2021, Puppets Are Immigrants Too, Howlround Theatre Commons

2021, Maiko Kikuchi Interview, Wilder Collage

2015, No Parking, Galleria Ca' d'Oro

2015, No Parking, Artsy


2021, Drifting Off In A Bathtub, Waking Up In A Water Tank, HERE Arts Center, NY, USA (Group)
2021, Daydreaming Monologist, Visionally Art Collective, Online (Solo)
2021, Puppets of New York, Downtown The Clemente, NY, USA (Group)
2021, Healing From Within, Create! Magazine, Online (Group)
2021, FOCUS Art Fair, London, UK (Group)
2021, Candied Daydream, Sour Mouse, NY, USA (Group)
2021, Finding Sanctuary, Visionally Art Collective, Online (Group)
2019, Swallow Cafe, NY, USA (Solo)
2019, Maiko Kikuchi's Art Works, WWW, Tokyo, Japan (Solo)
2019, Maiko Kikuchi's Art Works, CITAN, Tokyo, Japan (Solo)
2018, Bariton no Yu-be, Topos, Tokyo, Japan (Group)
2018, Four and Twenty Black Birds, Jameson Arts Center, Jamestown, RI, USA (Group)
2017, In Time/Out of Place, Parasol Project, NY, USA (Group)
2017, Crown Heights Film Festival, FiveMyles Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, USA (Group)
2017, Unwritten Stories, HERE Art Center, NY, USA (Group)
2015, No Parking, Ca' d'Oro Gallery, NY, USA (Group)
2015, Show#25, Field Projects, Online (Group)
2015, Without A Safety Net, Weill Cornell Community Clinic, NY, USA (Group)
2015, The Artist as Provocateur. Pioneering Performance at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY, ISA (Group)
2014, Grab Bag, Trestle Projects, Brooklyn, NY, USA (Group)
2014, Kaleidoscope 2, Space 776, Brooklyn, NY, USA (Group)
2014, To See, or Not to be Seen, Hot Wood Arts, Brooklyn, NY, USA (Group)
2013, Winter Salon Show, Space 776, Brooklyn, NY, USA (Group)
2013, NURTUREart Benefit, Bernadrucci Meisel Gallery, NY, USA (Group)
2013, Selected Illustrations of TIS Competition Vol. 11, Gallery 5610, Tokyo, Japan (Group)
2013, Reconstruction 1, Gallery Hana, Shimokitazawa, Tokyo, Japan (Group)
2014, No Trend, Stuben South Gallery, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY, USA (Group)
2009, Super Twins House, Agee Salon Daikan-Yama, Tokyo, Japan (Group)