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Kasper Mikael Jacek (b. 1989) is a self-taught artist based in Odder/Aarhus, Denmark. His artistic work is a continuation of his academic and journalistic work on the subject of place, working with the historicity of places, the mythologies and memories bound to certain places and exploring new ways to tell stories about so-called ‘dead’ objects. "My collage works are always in flux; a constant back and forth between erosion and sedimentation of both materials and meaning. As I add, rip, rearrange and destroy the materials, my works are constantly falling out of place, fragments of material and meaning are both added and lost in this process. My ambition is to explore objects, places and landscapes that are both appearing and disappearing at the same time, much like a vision: nothing is entirely there — and nothing is lost. I consider my works multi-temporal scenes, exploring landscapes or places in which myths, old objects, memories and possible futures are all haunting the present simultaneously."


MA, Aarhus University,

BA, Aarhus University,


2021, Kropsbogstaver, hverdagsakvareller og glinsende roser: Her er de gallerier, du skal besøge nu, Berlingske

2021, #53: Kasper Mikael Jacek: WE HAVE WALKED THESE TRAILS, Format Artspace

2021, Det skal du se! Uge 41, Kunsten

2021, Kasper Jacek, Studio About

2021, Kasper Jacek, Art Gazette


2023, Enter Art Fair, Format Artspace, Copenhagen, Denmark (Upcoming group)
2023, Fri Form, Format Artspace, Copenhagen, Denmark (Group)
2022, One Size Fits All, Format Artspace, Copenhagen, Denmark (Group)
2022, Galerie Éclectique, Albert Contemporary, Denmark (Group)
2022, Pop-Up, Albert Contemporary, Denmark (Group)
2022, Enter Art Fair, Format Artspace, Copenhagen, Denmark (Group)
2022, Art Herning, Formation Gallery/Format Artspace, Denmark (Group)
2022, Why So Wordy?, Iovermorgen, Denmark (Group)
2021, We Have Walked These Trails, Format Artspace, Copenhagen, Denmark (Solo)
2021, Earth, Murmurings, Se!, Aarhus, Denmark (Solo)
2021, One Size Fits All, Format Artspace, Copenhagen, Denmark (Group)
2020, They'll Find Us In The Bird, Sleth, Aarhus, Denmark (Solo)
2020, Color, Shapes, and Shadows, Van Der Plas Gallery, New York, NYC, USA (Group)
2020, Velvet Ropes, Got It For Cheap, 0-0 LA Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark (Group)