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Judas Companion (b. 1984, Germany) is a German artist whose practice explores themes of deconstruction, preservation and annihilation of the self. Her works explore what constitutes the self in modern times, commenting on the evolution emphasising the predictable failure of this endeavour. The recent metamorphosis of her works explores semi-functional exoskeletons to enact the human whilst going through processes of transformations. Judas lives and works in London, UK.


MA, Goldsmiths, University of London, 2015-2016

MA, Central Saint Martins, 2012-2014


2018, Ketel One Continues Its Artful Collaboration With The Sarabande Foundation, Wallpaper

2018, Alexander McQueen’s Legacy: The Sarabande Foundation, New York Times

2018, The Artist Supported By The Legacy of Alexander McQueen, AnOther

2018, Meet The Designers And Artists Benefitting From Lee Alexander McQueen's Legacy, Vice

2018, Judas The Kamikaze Issue, Six Miles High

2018, Editorial Solo Artist, More Or Less

2018, Knit Photography Feature, Glamcult

2017, ASP 3 Catalogue, Institute of Contemporary Arts

2017, Faux Pas III, Chos of Fashion Humanities

2017, Countercultural Edge, Stylus

2017, Cover Page, Maximalis IV

2016, Deena Abdelwahed Album Cover, Crack


2019, A Family Tree, Joyce Central, Hong Kong, China (Group)
2017, ASP IV Book Fair, ICA, London, UK (Group)
2018, Intimate Foreign Bodies, Galerie L'Entrepot, Monaco (Group)
2018, Tiger Tank, Storage Capacité, Europe (Solo)
2018, A Face in Me, Sarabande Foundation, London, UK (Solo)
2017, ASP Glasgow Edition, CCA, Glasgow, UK (Group)
2017, Miss Read, Berlin Art Book Festival, Germany (Group)
2017, ASP III Book Fair, ICA, London, UK (Group)
2017, 5 Minutes, Marketplace Studios, Stockport, UK (Group)
2017, Interact, Cultivate Gallery, London, UK (Group)
2016, London Design Festival, St. Hatcham Gallery, London, UK (Group)
2016, Bruce Haines Mayfair & Adler, Art Cologne, Germany (Group)
2016, Narratives, Constance Howard Gallery, London, UK (Group)
2015, ASP Book Fair, ICA, London, UK (Group)
2015, 48h Neukoelln, Kabeljau & Dorsch Verlag, Berlin, Germany (Group)
2014, From Here to There II, Elysium Gallery, Swansea, UK (Group)
2014, House of Voodoo, Folkstone Quaterhouse, Kent, UK (Solo)
2014, Clifford Chance Printmaking Prize, London, UK (Group)
2014, From Here to There I, Clara Hatton Gallery, Fort Collins, USA (Group)
2014, Broken Twice, Galerie Anna Klinkhammer, Düsseldorf, Germany (Group)
2014, East London Painting Prize, London, UK (Group)
2014, North London Cultural Consortium, London, UK (Group)
2014, Silence Of The Lamb, The Gallery, Beijing, China (Solo)
2013, Scratch Performance, Camden Arts Center, London, UK (Group)
2013, Bill Woodrow Found, Royal Academy of Arts, London, UK (Group)
2013, Tomorrow I'll Be Elsewhere, A–Side B–Side Gallery, London, UK (Group)
2013, Interim V22, 100 Clements Road, London, UK (Group)
2012, Greta London, Benzulli, Düsseldorf, Germany (Solo)
2011, 5x3 Single Museum, Kunstraum Düsseldorf, Germany (Group)
2011, Cage Singleclub, Ackerstrasse 5, Düsseldorf, Germany (Solo)
2011, Bodensatz Böhlerwerke, Hansaallee 321, Düsseldorf, Germany (Group)
2010, Bendzulla Reif, Ifelwall 5, Cologne, Germany (Group)
2010, Jasmin Reif, I'm Grafischen Kabinett, Düsseldorf, Germany (Solo)
2009, Jasmin Reif Henning Arend, Konsortium Düsseldorf, Germany (Group)
2007, 462 m2–409 m2, Gloria–Halle, Düsseldorf, Germany (Group)