Available Works


Frank Kleineidam (b.1970, Germany) is a visual artist inspired by the human being: How do we become who we are – and how can we grow beyond ourselves and our limits? Frank is inspired by color, nature, and fantasy; how they may affects different facets of ones practice and the gazes behind what is invisible, and the diversity of nature as one steps closer to the universe. Frank lives and works in Hamburg, Germany.


BA, HAWK Hildesheim,


2017, Die MOPO sucht Hamburgs Kunst-Ta-Lente, Hamburger Morgenpost

2016, Metropole Kreativ, Hanse Style


2022, The Male Figure, Kunstbehandlung, München, Germany (Group)
2022, VerEINe*N, xpon-art Gallery, Hamburg, Germany (Group)
2021, Art on a Postcard, Hoxton Gallery, London, UK (Group)
2020, Royal Academy, Summer/Winter Exhibition, London, UK (Group)
2020, H::eilig, xpon-art Gallery, Hamburg, Germany (Group)
2019, Royal Academy, Summer Exhibition, London, UK (Group)
2019, Offenes Atelier, BBK Holsteinischer Kamp, Hamburg, Germany (Group)
2018, 3 von Pent - #1, Only Art Club, Hamburg, Germany (Group)
2017, xpon-art Goes X, xpon-art Gallery, Hamburg, Germany (Group)
2016, Metrople Kreativ Award, Metropolitan Gallery, Hamburg, Germany (Group)
2016, Traumwelten, Baumwollspinnerei Atelier Mücke, Leipzig, Germany (Group)
2016, New Aspects of Landscape Painting, Kunstpreis Esslingen, Germany (Group)
2015, Sternbilder, xpon-art Gallery, Hamburg, Germany (Group)