5 Minutes with Natasha Arselan

This month, we sat with AucArt's founder and CEO Natasha Arselan to talk about discovering new artists, her mission and motivations, and latest sale with AucArt, 'Ones to Watch'.

The most useful piece of life advice you’ve been given?

Faith over Fear

Are there any art patrons, collectors or mentors who have inspired you?

I think I’ve learnt a lot from the many I have had the privileged opportunity to cross paths with. In terms of collectors, I find the Vogel’s story the ultimate love story, very inspiring.

Can creativity be taught?

Everyone’s born with creativity. I think it’s more the opposite, that as we grow we are conditioned to think rationally from the head rather than the heart. I believe creativity can be preserved & nurtured; it’s a state of mind.
An artist on the other hand cultivates a vision through a language of their own and they dedicate their life sharing this with us though their practice.

How do you typically discover new artists?

Visiting art schools, studios, exhibitions, editorial, fairs, research.

Describe your “taste” in 1 words?


Which piece of art holds the most meaning for you?

Gosh, each piece holds its own individual meaning for me.

Buy what you love. You’ll know if you see a work and cannot forget it.

What’s most important to you – texture, colour or shape?

Depends on my mood, I’m allured by all three.

An underrated form of art?

Ceramics & Tapestry 

Your mission in a sentence?

To share my joy of discovery & the wonder art brings to everyday life.

Have you ever commissioned a piece?

Yes the last was a work on paper by Gianna Dispenza.

What’s the story behind this selection of artists? Is there a theme or narrative that ties the works together?

This is a selection of artists I am inspired by on a daily basis and have had my eye on for some time now. I am intrigued by their practices, each so different. I find the works wholesome, consistent and striking in their own right. 

How has the pandemic affected your outlook? The way you look/buy art?

My outlook has just been very two dimensional this past year, a digital studio visit is not the same as IRL. To be honest when museums & galleries closed here in London, I enjoyed the colours that surrounded me in parks, I’ve never quite appreciated the seasons and all they offer as I have this past year. I think this calamity has affected the works I have acquired in the last few months – minimal & neutral palettes.

What about AucArt makes you most proud?

That it brings joy to so many people all around the world, whilst supporting careers and collections.

What inspired you to create AucArt?

My own desire to collect and support artists on the verge of greatness. 

A hurdle you’ve had to overcome?


What advice would you give to a first-time collector?

Buy what you love. You’ll know if you see a work and cannot forget it.