Dying Out Of Love

This November AucArt welcomes guest curator, French Israeli and singer-songwriter Petite Meller. In conjunction with her latest single, ‘Dying Out of Love’, Petite welcomes 3 brand new mixed-media artists to the AucArt roster. Spotlighting in Editorial Fashion, all three artists not only have a distinct understanding of colour and figure, but also share a close relationship with the singer. Inspired by the lyrics of ‘Dying Out of Love’, Petite introduces her sale:

“Our love is art and art is just forever my love” – these lyrics I wrote are the essence of my vision on art and its place in our existence or more accurately our post existence. I gathered together what I believe will stay forever. These artists are masters of colours. There is a genius cosmic play of colors that strikes my mind and sends it to infinity. Their work takes me to what Kant imagined when he spoke about the sublime in the “Critique of the Power of Judgment”. Something that almost breaks your mind with joy when you look at it and helps you feel the existante of the transcontinental sublime. Eliot, Ella and Rebecca are all close friends that I love to collaborate with. Their creation is so inspiring to me and I hold them close to my heart. I want to be surrounded by their art everywhere I’d go.”

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