CSM's Church of Fashion

CSM’s Church of Fashion is a curated selection of portrait photographs by London Artists Balint Alovits, extracted from a body of work comprising over 300 images realised in June last year. The portraits depict individuals that gravitate around the world-reknowned campus of Central Saint Martins constituent college of University of the Arts London. Alovits’ series of portraits, co-directed by Lina Sophie Stallmann, aimed at capturing the soul, energy and flaws of london creatives; capturing members of CSM as representatives of London’s wider London’s art and design community. CSM’s Church of Fashion is launching at sketch, 9 Conduit Street on October 2nd until 13th November.


“The exhibition makes a stand for individuality as well as community. A bound that is achieved through common creative practice and outlook to the world” says curator duo Lina Sophie Stallmann and Daniel Spivakov. Keen to utilise sketch’s high-ceilinged reception hall, the selection of portraits are displayed in such a way that echoes the interior of a church. The wide creative community of London is home to designers, artists, makers, writers and performers forming a unique landscape from a diverse variety of places and cultures. Such a creative hub, as attractive as it seems comes with hurdles: Alovits’ portraits vow to raise awareness on the misconceptions often surrounding the lifestyle the creative industry has historically inspire. Financial difficulties, worries looming over forging a stable career path and mental health problems are real issues faced by young creatives today.

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