Xixi Qian

Yan Dang, 2023

Digital painting on inkjet print

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About the Artist

Xixi Qian (b.1996, China) is a visual artist whose works depict a botanical punk world, fully expressing the alternative spirit of punk culture that transcends societal norms and creates a unique spiritual utopia. In her creations, plants serve as the core elements through which she explores various social regulations, reflecting the complexities of inclusiveness and opposition. Such exploration is enriched by the diversity of human society, making the plant world equally filled with intricacies and simplicities. Specifically, her practice involves using the characteristics of roots and fungi to explore the social dynamics of second-tier Chinese cities. She interprets the social, economic, and cultural relationships between parents, neighbors, and different generations from both macro and micro perspectives. These creative practices enable her to scrutinize contemporary society from a unique standpoint.