Iris Kojaman

Stroked by the Thistle, 2023

Acrylic on canvas

Painting30 x 40 x 2cmShips from United Kingdom


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About the Artist

Iris Kojaman (b.1981, Austria) is a visual artist whose practice depicts excerpts of everyday life where some particular detail is relevant to make a painting out of it. These moments have just a small pinch of magic within them. Just big enough to notice, and through working elongated on it, by painting, than collage them and painting again, the magic stays up in the air like a jugglingball does. So the depicted reality slowly changes. Quite often Kojaman paints big sheets of paper first to start off her work. She than uses them to make collages which she takes to make her paintings. You could say she creates artistic work to create artistic work out of it. Iris has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Austria, Switzerland, Germany and across the United States. Iris lives and works in Vienna and Eichgraben, Austria.

About the Artwork

Small as it is, Stroked by the Thistle had a huge impact on my work. Coming from the figurative field of painting, I was heading more and more into the unknown direction of abstraction. And this little painting was the beginning of it all. One day in June, a year ago, I was walking home, when I saw these big thistles growing out of the wayside of a wild garden. The light was warm and it was following the path while the thistles crossed the sight. I knew straight that I wanted to paint that. I had something technically in mind of how do paint something and not doing so at the same time. In ,Stoked by the thistle’ I managed to fulfill this aim for the first time. The softness of the light and the sharpness of the thistles made it possible . Afterwards I continued working on this idea and pushed it to it’s outer limits with the painting Beach Chair, 2023. I am very happy to have this painting at my first exhibition in the UK. It means a lot to me.