Roberta Cavallari

Separé, 2023

Oil on canvas

Painting30 x 30 x 2cmShips from Italy


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About the Artist

Roberta Cavallari (b.1975, Italy) moved to Bologna to study painting and photography at the Academy of Fine Arts. Strongly attracted by metropolis, she obtained a scholarship in Berlin, where she starts with exhibitions and performance. The contradictions of Berlin in 1999 between empty spaces and ultra-modern architecture, the explosion of the internet, the cyberpunk, the electronic music shaped the imaginary of the artist, who expressed herself in painting with a free language, a sort of brainstorming of signs and flat backgrounds, conditioned first by abstract artists such as Cy Twombly, then definitively pop, from Basquiat to David Hockney. The topics dealt with range from the autobiographical to environmental themes, but the leitmotif of the first production is the alienation. From 2001 to 2014, her interest in architecture gave rise to various performances, videos and photographic project in Berlin, Mexico City, Milan.