Kevin Reismann

Realfriends II, 2021

Spray on paravent

Painting180 x 120 x 2cmShips from Germany


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About the Artist

Kevin Reismann (b.1992, Germany) is a contemporary visual artist whose artistic approach mainly depicts living beings in different postures and scenarios, whereby they often mix realistic and fantasized elements. Kevin does not look to commit himself to a certain medium as he is fascinated by the interplay of different contrasts, both in terms of motifs and coloring. The contrast and its raw aesthetics evoke a certain harmony & satisfaction to the artist. As part of his paintings, Kevin likes to work sustainably, proving use for discarded material - the maximum radiance and exoticism. Kevin's brain is constantly looking for inspiration in everyday life be it a tattoo, a photo, a leaf on a tree or a fabric pattern. Kevin lives and works in Cologne, Germany.

About the Artwork

Front and Back Painting. Realfriends II shows that contrasts and duality are everywhere. The black shark on one side stands for power and danger, while the other side with the parrot, the plants, the bust and the bone stands for beauty, life and transience. Using graffiti on a folding screen underscores the raw energy I want my art to exude.