Kristina Supernova

Persona in Fake Feathers Coat, 2023

Oil on canvas

Painting25 x 20 x 1cmShips from Portugal


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About the Artist

Kristina Supernova (b.1989, Lithuania) a visual artist based in Berlin, Germany, is recognized for her vibrant, surreal portraits that challenge conventional perceptions. Her work is a convergence of philosophical introspection and homage to admired figures from various disciplines. Supernova’s work ranges mainly from oil painting to murals, sculpture and wearable art. Lately she is embracing the concrete narrative motif and starts creating expressive, large or small format oil paintings and ink, watercolor and oil pastel drawing series in which echoes of the mythological fable worlds can be found, as well as a preoccupation with human existence where she turns the inside out. Fascinated by the complexity of the human psyche, Kristina’s art delves into the paradoxes within our minds, exploring the juxtaposition of kindness and violence, genius and absurdity. Her deliberate manipulation of proportions, lighting and the incorporation of her signature “double pair of eyes” adds an enigmatic allure to her pieces, inviting viewers to contemplate hidden nuances. Her artistic process is an intuitive journey where colors and brush strokes serve as conduits for a deeper connection to her creation. Having confronted societal pressures herself, Kristina’s art carries a message of celebrating individuality and resilience in the face of societal expectations. Her works often resemble a dream - everything seems quite ordinary at first, but in retrospect turns out to be an absurd mixture of individual aspects of one’s own environment, coupled with the endless expanses of the subconscious. As a great observer, Supernova manages to capture phenomena, contrasts, inner conflicts, current major movements and apparent trivialities.