Jamie Xue

Persian Jewel, 2023

Oil and acrylic on canvas

Painting2 x 200 x 160cmShips from United Kingdom


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About the Artist

Jamie Xue (b.1995, China) is a visual art whose whose practice depicts complex female images in her creations. In this recent series, Jamie began to use strong colors to draw simple female images, trying to balance the characters in the picture; a flat narrative method further integrating the transformation of the characters from objectification to a symbol liberating these sensitive female figures from their implicit cultural history. The figures are able to acquire a new presence in the natural landscape and social relations in the same way. This series refers to Jamie's cultural background, referencing moments from her life experience in London. Illuminating is the first finished piece of this series, trying to imagine the living conditions of women in the future society. As the work progresses, this pictorial language and thematic depiction accumulate more meaning, further exploring society and culture, the public boundaries between the private, the artist, and contemporary technology.