Attilio Esposito

Cupids Appointment, 2022

Oil on canvas

Painting90 x 65 x 1cmShips from Italy


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About the Artist

Attilio Esposito (b.1983, Italy) is a Contemporary visual artist whose works aim to create suspended images in the embryonic state. Atillio builds a personal link between abstraction and stylistic academia painting, condensing movements, lights and colours through the metaphysic theatre of the canvas. The use of plasticine allows Attilio to have complete freedom over the final image and, above all, create primitive shapes that belong to everyone. His work are influenced by many artists from Pontormo, Tiepolo, Bernini, Rubens to Kandinsky, Malevich, Mirò, amongst others. Attilio is also often inspired from simple walks in the park or in supermarkets. Attilio lives and works in Lecco, Italy.