Athena Jiarui Li

Banquet No. 2, 2019

Oil and acrylic on canvas

Painting140 x 100 x 2cmShips from China


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About the Artist

Athena Jiarui Li (b.1993, China) is a visual artist whose work strives to delve into the depths of timeless emotional truths that permeate our existence amidst a tumultuous and ever-changing world. Rather than seeking to convey specific concepts, Athena's intention is to navigate, depict, and harmonise timeless contradictions. It is through the lens of empathy and an animistic perspective that the disparate symbols on the canvas converge, allowing these opposing titans to find solace in one another's embrace. Athena believes it is imperative to honour and respect every living being and every aspect of our world. Through her art, animals and humans share equal prominence, serving as a testament to her reverence for all life forms. Athena feels a profound connection with each character that imbues them with a sense of vivacity beyond mere representation. Each inhabits their own separate universe, and their worlds merge together through her work. The animistic narratives they evoke become a vivid tapestry of interwoven tales, exploring the complexities of our shared experiences.