Sun Shuang

Absence, 2024

Acrylic on canvas

80 x 60 x 2cmShips from China


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About the Artist

Sun Shuang (b.1966, China) is a visual artist whose paintings are guided by her perceptions of colour, nature, and people. Growing up in the North of China, Sun was born into a family of artists just shortly after the cultural revolution. With her parents being theater actors and her brother, a famous painter recognized throughout China, Sun Shuang very quickly drew inspiration from her surroundings, leading to her studies in classical art at Lu Xun Academy Fine Arts. Through numerous travel in Europe, Sun quickly found herself drawn to the impressionist painters from the North to South of France. This essentially guided her to a second path within her practice in the 2000's, focusing on objects and portraiture influenced by the many trials and turbulence she experienced during this period. She leaned towards painting individuals, animals, and all living beings crossed by the torments of life and the great questions which man is often confronted by. "I express through my works what I see in the eyes of my subjects - to allow the "window of their soul" to tell me a story that is different from what I could express myself. My finished paintings represent something that is beyond me and often surprises me as much as the viewer. I hope to convey hidden messages through what is seemingly an ordinary object or look. It is through their character, eyes, or an object innocently placed in a corner that I find carries an unexpected message."