Available Works


Enric Freund (b. 1994) is a German artist whose work addresses the simultaneous of the unsimultaneous; the systematic of the unsystematic. Approaching paradigms and finding a balance between contradicting forces is the beginning and end of his painting process. The paintings are not to be seen as answers, rather than as concentrated points of interest and information. Enric lives and works in Bremen, Germany.


MA, University of the Arts Bremen, 2015-Present

BA, Albert Ludwigs Universität Freiburg, 2012-2015


2019, Klasse Baumkötter, Hochschule Für Künste Bremen

2019, Westentasche, University of the Arts Bremen


2019, Max-Ernst Stipendium, Brühl, Schloss Brühl, Germany (Group)
2019, Montage am Dienstage, HFBK Braunschweig, Montagehalle, Germany (Group)
2019, #9d725b, Güterbahnhof Bremen, Tor 40, Germany (Group)
2019, Westentasche, Galerie des Westens, Germany (Group)
2019, Bad Paintings, FAQ, Güterbahnhof Bremen, Germany (Group)
2018, o.T., Rother, Schumacher, UK (Group)
2018, A Sample, Galerie am Schwarzen Meer, Germany (Group)
2018, Das Unheimliche, Focke Museum, Germany (Group)