In the studio with Yulia Iosilzon

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Discover the London studio of Yulia Iosilzon, whose works draw upon her background, life-experience and female identity, as well as fashion, theatre and children’s illustration.

Merrick d’Arcy-Irvine visited the studio of Yulia to speak with her about her work. Read the full interview below.

interview with yulia iosilzon

Yulia: Hi, my name is Yulia Iosilzon and welcome to my studio.

Merrick: Hi Yulia. How would you describe your work?

Yulia: I have different themes that I follow in my practice. The first one is kind of fantasy… My works often have a variety of symbols like cigarettes or balloons.

Merrick: Tell us about this group of works that is on AucArt.

Yulia: The works on AucArt a part of an overall series that I’ve made about different emblems and different fantasies, how these fantasies exist in the real world and vice versa.

These works are about fantasy worlds and different emblems that co-exist in this dreamy kind of world. Sometimes we can see them in a present life, like the tattoos on the back of a bird – we know it’s surreal but I try to mix real and unreal things within a fantasy environment.

For instance, the plankton smoking around a vase is another kind of fantasy that grew from a metaphor of office workers smoking outside of a building.

Or different parrots and different leaves, when people are searching for them.

The bird painting is about how you would see palm leaves and birds if you just lay on the ground and look at the sky. It’s all just different things that could exist in today’s world but I prefer them to exists freely, as emblems or symbols in a concentrated fantasy world.

Merrick: What does creation mean to you, as as word? How would you describe creation?

Yulia: What do I think about creation…I think it’s about the ability to bring metaphors and words into visual life. It’s being able to translate that into the broader public and know how to communicate with visual language in order to show things that you just can’t describe with words.

Merrick: How do you describe your everyday process in your studio?

Yulia: It feels really different, it depends from what I do day by day. Usually, I just get on with work and don’t look at the time. I can’t really say how it feels but for me, the main thing is that it’s not really freezing!

I think that’s the only feeling I really have apart from that…I’m just really focused on what I do. When it comes to drawings, because I spend most of my time making small drawings, I sink inside the process. I then translate the small bits and pieces to the bigger paintings.

Merrick: What’s one thing in your studio you can’t live without?

Yulia: My cherry cake.


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