In the Studio with Guy Haddon Grant

guy haddon grant

Guy Haddon Grant's enigmatic works are an embodiment of his personal perspective, whose monochromatic sculptures and drawings lie at the boundary between abstraction and figuration. We meet him to talk about his artistic journey and a bit of history.

Hi, my name is Guy Haddon Grant and welcome to my studio.

 I have always, always sculpted and I have always drawn, I have never painted until I got to Italy. 

The abstract qualities are the things I’m looking at of all works, those are the things I am seduced by, even when I am doing a portrait of someone its very much looking at the plaint, the angles and the rhythms within their face that I am really exploring.

Untitled, 2019

Oil on canvas
118 x 102 cm

So, I came back from my studies in Italy with a lot of moulds of various busts that I had made whilst I was out there and in trying to work out a way of working which was more expressive. 

I had used casts from these moulds as starting points and start reworking the surface, erasing, adding and melting and cutting back so I was kind of trying to describe plains or forms kind of as a gesture. 

I used this cloud form as a kind of loose structure within which to make abstract work, with this huge weight and this lightness and the smaller totems and the smaller black totems were kind of studied to accompany the much larger black charcoal totems. 

So I started the soot drawings, maybe three or four years ago and for some reason I had various candles burning in the studio and started messing around with a piece of paper and has this sort of delicious very soft indirect marks, kind of feel as If they’re going to lift back off the paper and realised that actually the thing that was interesting perhaps was keeping the thing that wasn’t the soot was the centre, so surround, and can turn everything else black and make the white the exception. 


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