Matt Haywood

Yellow Landscape, 2017

Oil and enamel on vinyl tile in maple artist frame

Painting66 x 61 x 4cmShips from United States of America


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About the Artist

Matt Haywood (b.1985, USA) is a contemporary visual artist whose works explore inner psychology through the guise of the language and history of painting. Matt is often compelled to find imagery through physicality, hence the specifics of my imagery are a byproduct of studio activity. Guided by physical impulses rather than premeditated representational objectives, Matt's explorations connect non-objective but often universally understood internal psychological states to the equally universal yet still non-objective visual world. Matt lives and works in Los Angeles, USA. To request additional works please contact

About the Artwork

In retrospect, Yellow landscape was probably a reaction to the energy and vibe of the landscape in Los Angeles. Despite having lived all over the world before ending up here, I have never lived in a place so consistently flooded by bright, warm light. As a generally more brooding person, the contrast to my personality made for some interesting shifts in the way I paint and that painting embodies that shift particularly well.