Amber Larks

Wishes, 2023

Oil on canvas

Painting122 x 91.5 x 4cmShips from Hong Kong


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About the Artist

Amber Larks (b.1994, USA) is an oil painter whose work explores the metaphysical and unknown with nods to science fiction and surrealism. The imagery in her work often stems from the subconscious and hypnagogia- the transitional state of consciousness between wake and sleep. Inspired by Carl Sagan’s explanation of higher dimensions, her recent paintings feature beings and anomalies that cannot be fully perceived in our known world. Growing up in the diverse city of Los Angeles and coming from a biracial and non religious background, she often reflects on and incorporates themes of identity, perception, belonging, purpose, and existence into her work. Her goal is to hold a mirror to society and encourage reflection and exploration of the unknown. Amber lives and works in Los Angeles, USA.

About the Artwork

Coming out of a year of upheaval and change after a long distance move, Larks focuses on a body of work that serves as an opening to a new domain. On the other side of the tunnel, we can finally let out our breath as we enter a world filled with light and wonder. Soft clouds, glowing sparkles, pastel rainbows and stars illuminate the canvases. An almost ethereal presence can be felt throughout. It invites you to stay a while, take a break, and reflect in the stillness. Larks aesthetically imbues her work with childhood inspirations including 90s and 00s anime and cartoons. This dreamy expanse reminds us of the magic we believed in as children and seek again in adulthood. It gives space to appreciate the habitual and fundamental qualities of humanity- unconditional love, optimism, belief in new horizons and the hope that tomorrow brings.”