Leonardo Pellicanó

Walking Sideways To The Nearest Fall, 2019

Acrylic and spray on raw canvas

Painting130 x 100 x 4cmShips from Italy


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About the Artist

Leonardo Pellicanò (b.1994, Italy) is a contemporary visual artist who regards his practice as an essential tool to understand the world. It is a direct contact with ancient knowledge that needs to be kept alive by full dedication and immersion. To Leonardo, painting is a tool to explore ideas and archetypes while never leaving behind the world of matter, touch, and colour. Leonardo is inspired by the works of artists Mark Rothko, Kai Althoff, Marisa Merz, Henry Darger, Francis Alys, Rose Wylie, and Forrest Bess - encapsulated by the creations of their own worlds. Leonardo emulates the act of producing as a complex means of inescapably creating a sincere body of work in a seemingly effortless way. Leonardo lives and works in Milan, Italy.